Pkolino Play Table Blue Green

  • Pkolino Play Table Blue Green
    Pkolino Play Table Blue Green
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    The P'kolino Play Table is a modular piece that can be reconfigured in many ways to foster and enhance the play experience at home. It is constructed with the highest quality materials. Bent maple that is machine pressed for increased strength and protected with a clear water-based finish. High density foam and premium stain resistant fabrics. Parents love these qualities as well as the no nuts and bolts assembly and its ability to fold up when not in use. Colorful soft foam pieces and intriguing shapes attract endless hours of play. The bent wood table is great for creative projects, reposition it and use it as a lounge, toy ramp or for whatever the imagination conjures up. Interchangeable play kits fit into the table for neat storage and are easily removed and replaced for a quick activity change. The uniquely designed foam benches offer a soft, safe seat at the table as well as a fun rocker when flipped, and the removable foam blocks act as puzzle pieces or objects for a game of catch. This product can be accessorized with a Play Table Lounge Pad. This pad helps convert the P'kolino Play Table into a comfortable lounge for a little quiet time. To change pace again, remove the pad completely; lay it flat and use it as a tumbling matt. This light weight pad folds up neatly for easy storing. Product Specs: Wood: Bent Ply with Maple Veneer Fabric: Premium Vinyl Dimensions: 54"L X 22"W X 24"H (packaging mode) Weight: 63 lbs Play Table Components: Table 1 - Bent maple table/ramp/lounge. 54"L X 22"W X 24"H Table 2 - Upholstered high-density foam. 36"L X 16"W X 18"H. Color: Green Table Base 1 - Bent wood arch with upholstered support cylinder and cross: 18"L X 16"W X 23"H. Color: Cylinder is yellow; cross is orange. Table Base 2 - Upholstered high density foam. Color: Green Bench 1 - Upholstered high density foam. 28"L X 16"W X 14"H. Color: Blue Bench 2 - Upholstered high density foam. 16"L X 12"W X 9"H. Color: Blue Tots - Upholstered high density foam. Colors: Blue, yellow and orange. Play Kit - ABS bin; wood lid. 15.5"L X 12"W X 4"H. Color: Orange Gift Wrap not available. Shipping Note: This item ships via UPS Ground within contiguous United States only. Cannot be shipped to AK/HI, PO boxes, US territories, or APO/FPO addresses.
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